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The question "Why should we order from them?" surely arises frequently. What makes us sustainable, and how does it benefit our environment? We've pondered this and start with the point "Where do we source our goods?"

Our products come from Sol's, a sustainable Fairtrade company that heavily engages in producing organic and recycled cotton. However, all our designs, embroideries, and prints are produced here in Germany. We prioritize sustainability and Fairtrade to put a stop to the fast-fashion industry.

To ensure our sustainability, we offer free returns within 14 days on every order. Additionally, we provide €10 and €20 discounts on new clothing for anyone who has owned our products for a year and reports issues such as fading, loose threads, small holes, or outgrown garments.

The returned items will be recycled, and we will transform them into new products for a special collection. The exact timing for implementing this principle is still uncertain, but definitely by mid-2024. Thank you for being a part of our company.

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