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How customers redeem gift cards

To redeem the card, the recipient visits our website and browses for the desired products or services. Once they have made their selection, they proceed to the checkout. There, they will find the option "Redeem a gift card." They click on it and enter their unique gift card code. The corresponding amount will be automatically deducted from their total, allowing them to complete their order without any additional cost.


About Gift Cards and 
Discount Codes

Gift Cards:

Gift cards are prepaid cards with a specific monetary value, providing a convenient way to indulge in shopping or experiences without using cash directly. They make excellent gifts because they offer the recipient the freedom to choose what they want to purchase. Gift cards are versatile and can be used in various stores or online platforms, making them a popular choice for both givers and receivers.


Vouchers are special offers or discounts that can be applied to a particular item or service. They act as redeemable tokens, granting the holder access to specific benefits, such as reduced prices, complimentary services, or exclusive deals. Vouchers are often distributed by businesses as promotional tools, allowing customers to enjoy products or experiences at a discounted rate. Customers can redeem vouchers during their purchase to avail of the specified advantages, enhancing their shopping or dining experience.

Both gift cards and vouchers provide convenient and flexible ways for individuals to enjoy their desired products or services while maximizing their value.

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